Sos i Pie Sos (Steam key)

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Опубликован: 11.07.2018 21:06:05
Продавец: Drunk Patrick
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In this runner game, you play as a mouse who has stolen so much cheese that there is 10000$ bounty on his head! So there are many bounty hunters after you, but none is able to track you down except the most talented one, the Cat! He has found you when you were eating your lunch and starts chasing you. So you have to run as fast as you can if you want to survive. But he is smart and has planted many traps on your way that you have to jump over them. There are also cactuses in this desert that can kill you if you hit them! Also remember that you have a limited stamina and if you run out of it, you can’t run anymore and the Cat will catch you. So you have to gather cheese as you run to fill your stamina. Note that you can double jump and using this skill is essential for progressing through the game.
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15.07.2018 6:13:48ок, активировалось
13.03.2018 1:33:01Спасибо
01.03.2018 21:01:23Good
01.03.2018 15:57:30+
27.06.2016 18:00:06Все отлично, гифт получил, продавец хороший