Английский язык (2) (т)(ОЮИ)

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Опубликован: 14.11.2016 18:36:15
Продавец: kiltest
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Английский язык (2) (т).uta
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Are there ____________________ in the garden?
Bob is _________________________in the class.
Everybody _________________________ready.
He ___________________________for half an hour.
He ____________________lives in the house where he was born.
He arrived late _____________________was annoying.
He has been _________________of murdering his wife.
He took no notice of me, __________________ the whole town was full of rumors.
He was left alone, with ________________to look after him.
Hello, Janice! Tell me what _______________here today.
He’ll _____________his nervousness once he is on stage.
How long have you been there?
I ________________ her on the platform.
I _________________________my briefcase on the table.
I ___________________an answer to my letter within a few days.
I caught a ___________of the car before it disappeared.
I don’t know whether I __________________or not.
I don’t like ___________________at me.
I put the milk ____________________back in the fridge.
If you ____________fewer potato chips, you wouldn’t be ill now.
It gave me a strange feeling to see my name ______________.
It is a pity you have had to wait. Now ____________________see if we can solve your problem.
It is five months ______________to our new house.
It is light enough without the lights. Let’s __________________.
It often snows _____________January.
Kim and Lynn were not the only people there. There _________.
Mary or Jill _________________in the play.
Mont Blanc, _______________we visited last year, is beautiful.
Next year ____________________to Canada.
Pat and Jane are ____________________________her.
She chose some very pretty ____________paper for the present.
She has been very kind, ____________?
She is pretty but this kind of face doesn’t ______________to me.
She made it _______________that she didn’t approve by throwing something at me.
Take ___________________scissors and cut the cloth.
The ___________________outside the house said “Private”.
They have put the bird in a cage to _______________from flying away.
This question is ________________difficult for me.
We had ______________hard time trying to persuade him.
We’ll ________________you as soon as we have any information.
When I __________________there I won’t be able to get in.
When __________________the university?
Who ___________________________?
Would you mind ____________________me a favor?
You ______________________the washing- up. I would have done it for you.
You’d better add it up. I am not good at ___________________.
__________________work this Saturday.
______________of them knew about it because it wasn’t a secret.
Укажите какой из вопросов сформулирован верно
“Where are my jeans? – “You _______________yesterday.”

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