Mini Knight (Steam key / Region free)

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Опубликован: 17.06.2018 22:39:24
Продавец: MarketDeals
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Mini Knight - is an interesting casual 2d platformer in which you have to deal with enemies and overcome a variety of obstacles such as stakes, ditches, poisoning mushrooms, etc. Your main goal is to collect enchanted keys with rubies. The game is clear and familiar for every player management. At each level there are 3 keys you need to pass to the next level. At each level there are several ways to overcome obstacles and fight against enemies, use your trick and ingenuity. Complexity increases evenly with each level, so try it. Overpower all enemies, find the enchanted keys and free the kingdom!


-Beautiful graphics

-Tematic instrumental music

-Simple and simple gameplay

-Various levels
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28.03.2018 13:33:33Everything fine.
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