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Опубликован: 29.05.2018 16:42:42
Продавец: robo
Товар: текстовая информация (17 символов)
Количество продаж и возвратов: 32 / 0
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By name we already have an idea of ​​what we will be doing in this game. It would seem all simple - find a way out of the pyramid and you´re free. But still it only seems so. But in fact our hero will face some difficulties and even dangers along the way to the exit from the pyramid. So, what awaits us in the gloomy and intricate rooms of the majestic construction of the ancient Egyptians? You have to wade through the dark labyrinths of the pyramid. Be careful, there are many traps ahead. Especial danger is represented by iron sharpened blades, which can be anywhere. Go around and jump over them, otherwise you will die. You´ll have to jump a lot on small stone blocks to get to the exit. Concentrate on them all your attention, otherwise start all over again.

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